3 typs about fashion


   Fashion is in the eye of the beholder everyone can show off their own style. So don’t be afraid to wear something that you think doesn’t look good when it really  does.

Tip 1: fashion is a way to express yourself and many people have a great way to show their fashion, many people say that they have the looks that everyone loves there fashion but you remember that you can make new ideas on fashion. Fashion can come in many ways everyone has their own fashion.  

tip2: everyone can wear whatever they want so don’t let people judge your style. If you see people wearing things that you like and you think that your style is lame don’t try to be someone you’re not just be you and try new things because everyone is cool in their own way.

                Tip 3: you shouldn’t send all your money one expensive cloth when you can make it yourself. Also if you want to be a fashion model don’t be afraid to make your own fashion show. So remember be yourself and love your fashion because no one can be you and no one can judge your style because everyone has their style. thanks for reading this blog post

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there is trouble in sandy they need your help houses are damage there is no food cause everything it destroyed lots and lots of people lost valuable things. it is just really horrible everything is like under water and its really cold there. the reason am not talking about my topic fashion is because this is very important to talk about and i am just leating you know that they need help thats  why. i will get back to you sooner or later thank you bye.

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hi omg! i just saw the cutiest nails ever they were called DIY cupcake nails. they were the most adorable nails i had ever seen. it made me want to make it myself but i don’t think i can make them better than the cupcake nails. if you want to see how cool they are you can look at runway DIY.com and you will see how adorable they are.

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wishes and dreams

hi everybody! so i walked in a store were you can buy all sorts of clothing and i go there every weekend to go buy something. But there is always room for improvement here are my ideas to make that store even more incredible. i would say more music like hip-pop a little bit of rock you know all the nice songs. i would also say not so dark so i cant see my cloth like more lighting and more decorations. i love this store so much and i wont people to come in more offten there are people who come in alot but it would be better if more people came in. i like this place because it has like all the stuff i wont and all the make-up i wont. And also the survice there is great the peoples are really friendly to the customers and they alwasy have a smile on there faceies. so other wise the store is great im still ganna goto there every weekend and mabe ill tell the people my ideas and see if they like it or not what ever is fin ill still go cause i like the store every much.

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hey everyone guess what day is coming Halloween! i personal love Halloween it is like the best day to get all the candy you wont but than the next day you probable have to go to the dentist. Also it is the day you get to dress up all scary, fashionable,normal or anything you wont. what i like to do is make my own costume and like mix clothes together and see what i come up with. also i like to do my make-up and like mix all different kind of colors. Halloween is the day were all kids should be outside and just have the time of your life even parents can to. what i like to do is plan my ideas on a piece of paper and draw it out and ill try to find the cloth and make up and try to make it. It take time because you have to think a lot and try to find the right colors for your skin like the make up and also the right cloth that fits you right not to fashionable like your going to a party but just right like right to go out side and for people can see what you are wearing .

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hi again sorry i did not post something sooner but hey! fashion it always every were you look it like on billboards on a manikin on magazines every were. when ever i go to the store you know like shopping stores and i look at cloth i always have to buy a t-shirt that fits me very nice like i say in my head should i buy it or not but i spend the whole day thinking than it gets dark so the lady says “its time to close” so what happens is i end up buying it so one tip is go to the store one day before you wont to bye what you wont but what you do is look around and see what you like and if you like something save it tell the person you wont to save this t-shirt or pants or dress or what ever you wont than the next day go and get it don’t make the same mistakes i did just stay there the hole time thinking if you should buy  it or not than just wast your time no do what i told you and one thing am going to do it to hey i just gave myself a tip. 🙂  

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Hey everyone im going to talk about fashion today so there are lots of ways to get fashionable like getting dressed up for a party going to family dinner lots of things. you can go any were to get fashionable but my suggestion for you is to go to Forever 21 the coolest place to get your fashion. also you can go to another place witch is Tilly that’s a really nice place to go, but i can sit here talking about were to go and get your fashion but i rather just tell you myself and give you tips.

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Hello world!

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